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Frustration over for init.

This is why it is advisable to take the leaves at the end of the summer. With my personal collection, made in school, so I prepared “my soup” and I continued by his bleach whitening, to see what was happening. I understood why the pulp mills were so harmful, if only by the amount of water needed to prolonged washing. In the second session, I brought soup each in containers, some students were disappointed by the lack of dough that was theirs. Foreseeing their vexed mine, I had prepared soup gay to complete (prolific climber, catchy, light green, corolla leaves on the square bar). This pulp supplement, used by children, gives a good result. Sampling of a future paper: Every child emptied his dough in a bowl slightly larger than the frame size and deep enough, then there homogeneisait this mixture, stirring the liquid and conscientiously levied a sheet. For this, we must drag the frame in the bottom of the bowl, then raise the perfectly horizontal. Allow it to drain by tilting slightly, remove the frame that held the paste on the grid, the back frame and flatten the dough to a sheet thickness of rectangles. Finally, with a well squeezed sponge, water is absorbed from the slurry through the gate, the paper sheet should be detached from the grid and adhere to the cloth. When some leaves are ready, we practice the playful spin recounted above. Is dismantled once the spin sandwich is placed on a towel, gently, side by side, the sheets obtained to continue drying in the open. At the end of the workshop, I slip sheet between each page of a large notebook to monitor the final drying. Notes and fittings We compared the results with the different plants. In the spring, too tender leaves should have been cooked or less would have had to try a finer grid (I have not found). It is best to prepare more dough to complete preparations of the students and provide strength and clean absorbent cloths. During the second session, in parallel, the children went to harvest other crops taking into account what had been noticed. Then I began the delicate cuisine of plants, with final bleaching to bleach all the soups. At the last session, some children drew their first sheet obtained. This workshop provides an interesting open technology that can be used in class for the creation of works of course paper, but I think the trial and error: paper making test with mixtures of materials, inclusions. Summary “Machinery” Section “A practical tool” Print
3 Results Meeting of the GD 49 By Fabrice Ignazi on 11/03/15 – 6:36 p.m. In: Grand West Region> GD 49 – Maine-et-Loire Meeting Dates: 11/04/15 – 09:30 – 12:00 Location: Saint Lambert du Lattay Theme: Preparing for the day of exchange on 13 April 49 Add comment icem internship day GD 49 by Fabrice Ignazi on 03/01/15 – 1:30 p.m. in: Grand West Region> GD 49 – Maine-et-Loire dates: 04/13/15 – 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Place: Saint Lambert du Lattay exchange Day fun to teach – fun learning Monday, April 13, 2015 from 9:30 am to 4:30 p.m. Add comment Read more Meeting of the GD 49 By Fabrice Ignazi on 03/01/15 – 1:13 p.m. In: Grand West Region> GD 49 – Maine-et-Loire Meeting dates: 03/07/15 – 09:00 – 12:30 Location: Juigne / Loire Theme: Notebooks success – Patents – Contracts icem 49 Add comment
By Jacqueline Benais on 18/02/10 – 7:25 p.m. In: French Arts> Scripture-reading instructional principles> term-creation creations online review No. 197 “board books” announced in the New Educator No. 197 – Publication: April 2010 CM2 class, Ecole des Trois Maisons, Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) – Teacher: Dominique Tiberi Book 1 – a “Creation” for a week “travel diary”! “- We we want to crayons! – There’s still charcoals! – Where we s’met with inks? – Dom, I can draw on the computer? – glue pots, there z’ont not been closed the last time! – … “The hour of plastic arts or visual arts rather, as we must now say, became unmanageable. Especially since he still had to find a time for presentations, but also a space for reflection for displays, plus a time to scan and put it on the class site, without forgetting my part of the master who is often to eye contact with other works … How to keep it all in a week when it also takes time for writing workshops and math research for our documentary adventures and workshops techno for our niche in the gym and ‘German assistant, and of course our coop board. weekend … all well packed in eighteen hours since it will incidentally give nine to IUFM? In terms of “we do not have time! “The” it dirty! “And” it’s noisy! “It might feel like a fish in water and eventually abandon those moments that give pesky chronic feeling of going too fast, zap, never have time to settle in activity ! Frustration over for init. quadra bad educational adventures! And then came a bunch of our correspondents (suburb of Lille, Mons-en-Baroeul). In the package, a CD that the children were recorded during a musical one-week course. That’s where the idea came: and if we took our time, so we sat in the activity for a week to finally create something nice. To hell with the schedule and our rituals damn that imprison us sometimes. Explosons the schedule! The schedules and programming. To hell with what’s new and individualized work! Offer us too, our little course, us, without telling anyone, to take the time to enter this field, composition, light … A coop board further and the idea (mine) was adopted unanimously … yes! Again from the master! Not to sacrifice the basic skills on the altar of creation, we had to find an idea that can make the link between several disciplines. Fed for some time by the travel books I had already showed the children some pages of these “Carnettistes” who work on the border of several languages: literary, poetic, photographic, plastic. We had the idea to make a large class book, where every child would manufacture its own page, which integrates itself text, graphics, drawing, collage, photography … The week promised to to be rich. Each child was initially set their own theme. Then we traveled back in time, looking illuminations that the copyists of the Middle Ages have bequeathed to us and each went in search of images and “stuff” recovery to stick. It took then each write his story, his small inner journey. Once all these disparate elements together, we could start thinking about a staging, a color layout, and the process which could make the link between the different elements together. I recovered a stock of large sheets of watercolor paper (30 x 40). We set up a table for inks, a table for crayons, a table for cutting. The class has changed over for a week and gradually the elements are assembled, each feeding the other failures of imagination. Illuminations are out crayons, magic light inks gave them relief texts have taken shape and have escaped the blue line spacing specifications … And above all, the children took time to settle in activity to go to the end of their project, fumble by starting a fund that did not suit them, refine a collage, exchange about their respective work … and yet, some have not yet finished, and our big collective book is not finished yet. But already ideas germinated and some children began their individual book … Stay tuned! : Book 2, Book 3. But already, a project of artistic workshops (Book 4, Book No. 5) is underway to enlist next year the partnership of an artist to make these books embryos individual school our red thread for next year. All testimonies Other logbooks Summary Creations Suite 113 article Synopsis, illumination, writing homework help
, photography, collage, painting Print Add comment
Results 1011 to 1020 from 1031 results Enfantines No. 103 (1940): Letters of Senegal (school Bellenaves – Allier) In: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the School For Students> For elementary students> College magazine Pedagogical Principles > communications> school newspaper in April 1940 Author: school Bellenaves – Allier When philosophy appears by Daniel Gostain the 19/04/10 – 11:50 in: GD 75 – Paris slice of life an article philosophy teaching Principles> communication Principles teaching> term-creation pedagogical techniques> text a free morning class, I offered the observation of a poster taken from the excellent Belgian magazine pholosophie children, “Phileas and Autobule” I just found out.

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