There clearly was a significant turnout for Sid’s farewell and I also have to be truthful

Private eye Nic Sandberg and Palm Bay Police Sgt. Jeff Spears look on during Fr /> (Photo: John A. Torres)

It had been hearing that is really nice other people that Sid talked fondly of me personally. But i am aware which he wouldn’t normally wish us dwelling on their moving and rather would urge us to keep investigating Brandy’s disappearance. And thus we shall.

Merely a recap that is quick those unfamiliar with the outcome or who possess brief memories anything like me. On August 17, 2006, a firefighter that is 32-year-old the title of Brandy Hall, left the Malabar Fire section where she ended up being a volunteer fire fighter soon after 10:30 p.m. She’s got perhaps maybe maybe not been seen since.

Brandy had been a married, mom of two. Her kids had been five and ten years old at that time. She had been looking to get her work as a compensated firefighter in Palm Bay reinstated. She was in fact fired after getting arrested associated with her husband’s marijuana grow household operation in Osceola County. Initial fees against Brandy had been fallen and her spouse – Jeff Hall — took a plea deal. He knew he had been taking a look at jail time, which may suggest Brandy would alone have to manage because of the children for a time. Jeff was to be sentenced the after Brandy went missing day.

Weird timing, appropriate?

Undated picture Brandy Hall, lacking firefighter (picture: Courtesy Hall Family)

Now, all had not been perfect in Brandy’s and Jeff’s relationship. Brandy ended up being having an affair with then-married Palm Bay fire captain Randall Richmond.

Randall ended up being the final individual Brandy had been recognized to have talked to. The fans chatted by phone for nearly 11-minutes after Brandy drove from the Malabar fire home the she disappeared night.

After Brandy’s disappearance, Randall lied to police saying which he hadn’t talked to Brandy in months. Two days later, though, he arrived clean. He claims Brandy told him she ended up being someone that is meeting cash after which ended up being likely to keep town. Those that know Brandy state she could not have gone her small children alone once you understand her spouse quickly will be time that is serving jail.

The afternoon after she disappeared, Brandy’s prized green tricked-out Chevy Silverado pickup ended up being present in a nearby pond. It had bloodstream inside that has been recognized as hers. Police initially addressed the way it is as a person that is missing quickly started dealing with as a homicide although it wasn’t until 2016 that the court ruled that Brandy had been dead.

A couple of other odd things took place. Brandy’s bag with individual possessions had been discovered a later in a vero beach canal about 30 minutes south of where her truck was found year. Then year that is next her Osceola fire helmet washed through to the banking institutions of this Indian River under Mather’s Bridge in Indian Harbour Beach.

Clues, yes, possibly. But absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing ultimately causing Brandy.

And, that’s more or less where we’ve been stuck since. The Palm Bay cops called in retired detectives Sid LaDow and Doc Jones to see just what they might churn up in addition they made great inroads and brought together brand new insights and theories but still…no human anatomy with no arrest.

Therefore, just exactly exactly what occurred to Brandy? Ended up being her murder drug-related? Ended up being it brought on by a jealous enthusiast, jealous partner or jealous spouse of her fan? Dozens of theories have already been floated; none proved.

There have been rumors, a lot of them involving Brandy’s husband’s drug procedure being larger than police let in. There have been additionally rumors of moving events between maried people as well as other affairs.

Therefore, everbody knows, we explored dozens of theories and much more during period 3 of Murder in the area Coast. The podcast did end in some leads which were turned up to the authorities but absolutely absolutely nothing has result in any arrests, at the very least perhaps perhaps not yet.

But, you understand the saying, “it just takes one?”

Well, i do believe for me personally as well as for Brandy’s family members that “one” may just are actually a former police driving back again to their hometown of Palm Bay after spending some time in the armed forces so that as a sc cop. The aforementioned Nic Sandberg, now a personal attention, ended up being home that is coming. And during their drive, Nic began listening to Murder in the area Coast: Where is Brandy Hall?

He called me and wished to satisfy. And, well, the guy reminds me personally of a more youthful form of Sid and he’s worked his end down — 100% free — and uncovered a complete significant strange items that I didn’t understand.

I’m using care in this research as though it had been my own; towards the situation like absolutely nothing happens to be done yet. So basically I’m going to make over every thing i will start even though the gap that is 12-year the thing I will find away I’m likely to. So…and the puzzle pieces are suitable together. It is coming closer.

You will find a complete large amount of moving pieces that do appear to be suitable together when I compose this. Nic has received phone telephone calls with guidelines, genuine recommendations that appear to connect some things together. There’s also some information i can’t yet reveal just, but let’s simply say that Nic called me personally to let me know whatever they had been in the event one thing were to happen to him. So…I’ve done exactly the same and told an others that are few can trust too. In case.

Hey we do with our free podcast murder on the Space Coast, please give us a five star review on whatever app you are listening on and please consider a digital subscription to Florida Today if you like investigative journalism like this and what. The price is not as much as a walk each month and would get a way that is long make sure we could keep doing this…go to or call 877-424-0156 and point out promo code 6-8K to get a unique offer just for the podcast audience.

Now, two more housekeeping that is quick before we dive into Brandy Hall’s final a day.

Remember toward the conclusion of period three once I unveiled that a person on Sound Cloud had been utilizing a merchant account with a really unique picture of Brandy?

Well. Detective Rebecca Spears of Palm Bay informed me personally recently they possessed a hard time acquiring information because Soundcloud is just a German business and efforts to utilize neighborhood law enforcement in German proved unsuccessful.

One other thing that took place had been a search where a lot of volunteers arrived on the scene late just last year to search for Brandy. The thing I didn’t understand during the right time ended up being that the search ended up being arranged by a psychic who basically possessed a dream about where Brandy could be.

Yeah. A psychic. She additionally managed to get a well-known forensic-anthropologist down here to simply help. Their title is Dr. Arpad Vass and well, he had been extremely secretive about their brand new innovation – a detector that is grave runs on the fingernail from a member of family to detect DNA in graves.

Noise too advisable that you be real? Well, he previously DNA from Brandy’s mom and he identified an area in a Palm bay park where a metal detector determined there clearly was jewelry hidden six foot deep. That has been in belated 2018.

I’m doubtful this site that is dig produce any answers into the Brandy Hall secret. Why? Well, almost everyone we talked to doubts there clearly was human body here after all with no one thinks it really is Brandy. But…I’ll keep you posted.

okay, Brandy Hall’s last day that is known Thursday August 17, 2006.

That early early morning, Brandy and everyone else else, woke into the news that the scenario of whom murdered 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey ten years earlier in the day had finally been resolved. The news announced that John Mark Carr, on the run in Thailand in order to avoid youngster pornography costs here within the U.S., had confessed towards the killing. Carr premiered an or so later when neither his confession nor his dna matched the crime scene week.

Brandy possessed lot on her behalf brain. Her spouse had been planning to be sentenced to jail and even though serious medication costs for commercial littering.. .charges against her have been fallen, recently i discovered that Osceola County prosecutors had levied a unique fee against her that her lawyer during the time, Ron Ecker felt had been filed away from frustration following the case that is initial Brandy dropped aside. Ecker had been confident those fees would disappear also but he did say that Brandy had been concerned about it. He stated Brandy’s concern that is main her kids and ended up being afraid both she along with her spouse could be both bought behind pubs. Let me reveal her attorney Ron Ecker.

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